Trekking Grades

Nepal, the country with peace and love is a small in the size but it is rich in natural diversity. Travelers can do many activities in Nepal regarding to your physical fitness, time and budget. That’s tourist can take lifetime experience in with doing different curriculum rafting, tour, trekking and adventurous programs. We Musical Adventure trekking offers different grading trek that’s give you lifetime memories remaining in your life. The trip grading under Musical Adventure Trekking should be considered as a guideline only and designed to provide an idea of the participation required.

Grade: Leisure
Leisure trip is mostly tour, excursion, safari and short 2-3 hrs hikes. This trip can be done from 2-3days to 2 weeks below 2,000 meters. Any reasonable active persons from child to old generation can do these trips. 

Grade: Moderate
Moderate trekking basically 4-7 hrs trek in a day with up and down up to elevation of 4,000 meters. The trek length can be up to 2 weeks.

Grade: Strenuous
Strenuous trek basically need up to 3 weeks trekking and 5-8 hrs trek in a days. The trekking trail will be lots of up and down with a long day side trips. The trek might lead over the passes around the 5,000 mtrs.

Grade: Strenuous Plus
More than 3 weeks length and 5-1o hrs trek in a day with some passes counted as a strenuous plus trek in Himalayas. Some time trek can be more than a month and trek goes over passes at height above 5,000 mtrs.