Saga Dawa Festival Tour

Tibet, a country have an important sites of Buddhist and Hindus that why people called Tibet is abode of the god and goddess. Wide Tibetan plateau expose colorful culture and natural scenery.

Saga Dawa festival celebrate at flagpole Tarbuche valley at foot of Mt. Kailash, once a year on full moon of May/June according to lunar calendar. Our must colorful Tibet tour will let you experience and explore unparalleled view of Mount Everest, Cho Oyu, Mount Kailash, Manasarovar Lake, Yamdrunk Lake. As your trip continuous encounter unique colorful culture of Tibet like monasteries, gomba, chorten, stupa, cave, Potala palace and colorful barkhor street market and local market at Ason Kathmandu will make your trip wonderful.

This biggest Buddhist festival celebrate at Tarboche valley in western Tibetan on occasion of full moon, it is a day of lord Buddha was born, enlightenment, first speech given to follower and death. It is a day where entire Tibetan people and Buddhist gather at pinth of mount Kailash en route of Dolma La pass, change erected lungda (Tibet flag) and remove previous flags then pray peace for entire world. This holy ritual run for a month and homage done by red and yellow hat monks with recite Buddhist book pray along paly with elephant skin drum, dung kar, short and long gyaling, cymbal.

Your epic journey will begin from Kathmandu with cultural sightseeing, then a scenic drive will presents magnificent landscapes view, stunning waterfall and enter to Tibet. First we will visit Rongbuk monastery and Everest base camp then our voyage turn to high way of Kailash Manasarovar then tour continues Kailash circuit with ascending Doma la Pa then descend and trip carry on to center Tibet where you sights Sighstse, Gyanse, Lhasa with master piece Potala Palace. Musical Adventure trekking escort trip will make your adventure truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Saga Dawa Festival Trek Itinerary 2018:

19 May 2018:Day 01:
Arrival at Gonggar airport then 45 minute drive to Lhasa city (3,650 m/11,972 Ft)
20 May 2018:Day 02:
1st Day of Lhasa Sightseeing (Potala Palace, Barkhor Street & Jokhang temple)
21 May 2018:Day 03:
2nd day of Lhasa Sightseeing (Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery)
22 May 2018:Day 04:
7 hour's drive to Shigatse (4,300 m/14,104 Ft & 300 km) via Gyantse
23 May 2018:Day 05:
8 hour's drive to Rongbuk (4,980 m/16,334 Ft & 300 Km)
24 May 2018:Day 06:
9 hour's drive to Saga (4,520 m/14,825 Ft & 470 Km)
25 May 2018:Day 07:
9 hour's drive to Manasarovar Lake (4,558 m/14,954 Ft & 500 km)
26 May 2018:Day 08:
1 hour drive to Darchen (4,575 m/15,006 Ft & 60 km)
27 May 2018:Day 09:
30 minute drive & then 6 hour trek to Derapuk (4,800 m/15,744 Ft & 20 km)
28 May 2018:Day 10:
9 hour trek over Dolma La Pass, trek descend to Jujul Puk (4,780 m/15,678 Ft & 22 km)
29 May 2018:Day 11:
2 hour trek to bus station then drive to Tarboche and watch Saga Dawa Festival: 18 km)
30 May 2018:Day 12:
7 hour trek to Saga (4,520 m/14,825 Ft & 450 km)
31 May 2018:Day 13:
6 hour drive to Lhasa (3,650 m & 275 Km)
01 Jun 2018:Day 14:

Saga Dawa Festival Drive Tour Itinerary 2018:

21 May 2018:Day 01:
6 hour drive to Syabrubesi (1,530 m/5,018 Ft & 120 Km)
22 May 2018:Day 02:
2 hour drive to Kerung (2,900 m/9,9512 Ft & 43 Km)
23 May 2018:Day 03:
Acclimatization Day
24 May 2018:Day 04:
6 hour drive to Saga (4,520 m/14,825 Ft & ;280 Km)
25 May 2018:Day 05:
8 hour's drive to Manasarovar Lake (4,558 m/14,954 Ft & 500 Km)
26 May 2018:Day 06:
1 hour drive to Darchen (4,575 m/15,006 Ft & 60 km)
27 May 2018:Day 07:
30 minute drive & then 6 hour trek to Derapuk (4,800 m/15,744 Ft & 20 km)
28 May 2018:Day 08:
9 hour trek over Dolma La Pass, trek descend to Jujul Puk (4,780 m/15,678 Ft & 22 km)
29 May 2018:Day 09:
2 hour trek to bus station then drive to Tarboche and watch Saga Dawa Festival: 18 km
30 May 2018:Day 10:
7 hour drive to Saga (4,520 m/14,825 Ft & 450 km)
31 May 2018:Day 11:
6 hour drive to Syabrubesi (1,530 m/5,018 Ft & 275 Km)
01 Jun 2018:Day 12:
6 hour drive to Kathmandu

Note: Musical Adventure Trekking arranges group Joining tour and solo individual private tour to Tibet. We even can customized tour itinerary in your interest that’s we can reduce or extend length of duration on your demands. We arrange Tibet tour from directly Lhasa and from Kathmandu to Kathmandu as well. Above Itinerary is a guideline & Standard pattern, which we provide you. Our trip cost will be based on Budget, Standard, Deluxe accommodation and group size. So please kindly provides us your trip details for a customized program. We will able to arrange standard and deluxe accommodation on Shigatse, Gyantse & Lhasa other than those places, will be guesthouse accommodations.

30 May, Day 01: Arrival to Tribhuwan Internationa airport, transfer to hotel (1,350 m/4,420 Ft)!

Upon your arrival your trekking guide will come to receive you at Tribhuwan international airport. Your guide will be waiting you next to arrival gate with your name on play card. Then you will transfer to hotel at hub of Kathmandu by private transport with short brief about Kathmandu.

Overnight at hotel

31 May, Day 02: Kathmandu valley sightseeing

You will departure from hotel after breakfast, first we drive to Phasupatinath temple, one of the largest Hindu temple in Nepal and it more popular with western traveler ritual cremate of death. A pashupatinath complex has very beautiful architectures on temple from back date 15 century. You will often see devotees are taking bath on holy Bagmati River across the main temple. After Pashupatinath temple, we will have short drive to Bouddhanath temple, a largest Buddhist stupa in the world with it mostly Buddhist culture. We will stop at any of beautiful restaurant where we can get great view of massive stupa from top to bottom with Buddhist disciples circling the stupa with praying wheel and Tibet beads on hand in additional prostrating as well. Now drive back to hotel and short-out the trekking bag-pack.

Overngiht at hotel

01 June, Day 03: Flight to Gonggar airport then transfer to hotel, Lhasa (3,650 m/11,972 Ft)

After breakfast drive to International terminal of Tribhuwan international for, your ah hour mountain flight to Tibetan plateau, Lhasa. The airport located 80 km far from lhasa city, most famous city of Tibet. Mountain Ariel view will see from flight including spectacular view of mount Everest and multiple mountains. Our Tibetan guide will waiting you at arrival hall of airport with your name on placard, as soon as he greet you little walk and 1: 20 drive to Lhasa from airport. First check in hotel then after while if time permitted walk around the local street.

Overnight at hotel

02 June, Day 04: First day of Lhasa Sightseeing (Potala Palace, Barkhor Street & Jokhang temple)

We begins tour with first visiting adorable Potala Palace, The magical potala palace used to called winter palace of Dalai Lama until 14th Dalai Lama exile from Tibet. Outer looks of palace is great with white and rad painted then walking on stair inner part of palace with see collection of gold-plated burial stupa of previous his holiness Dalai Lama and beautiful meditation cave. The unbelievable structure palace offer great view of Lhasa valley with soaring peaks. Walk continuous pass the local market and stop for lunch then onward walk on street with look colorful market to Jokhang temple which is built by King Songtsen Gompo, the huge Tibetan Buddhist monastery with wider open yard. You will see so many Buddhist followers doing prostration in front of Buddha statue which was brought from queen of king. We continuous walk along the colorful Barkhor Street where you can buy beautiful Tibetan souvenirs to family and friends even can encounter pilgrimage praying.

Overnight at hotel

03 June, Day 05: Second day of Lhasa Sightseeing (Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery)

Your guide will come to pick-up you after your breakfast at hotel then first drive to largest monastery of Tibet, Drepung monastery. The Gelupa sect monastery found in 1416 by lama Jamyang Choge and thousands of young monk practice Buddhism in Drepung monastery. Sera monastery was found in 1419 at garden of wild rose and now it became best places to teach disciples where monks are debating 4 shift a day, it depend in season as well.

Overnight at hotel

04 June, Day 06: Drive from Lhasa to Shigatse (3,920 m/12,860 Ft & 6 hrs drive): 300 km

leaving from Lhasa after breakfast on direction of Everest base camp, drive over the Gampala pass (4,785 m), the ridge presents superb view of surrounding view of mountains including Nyenchen Khangsar and turquoise Yamdroke Lake while drop-down get close up view of karola glacier. The drive continuous aside of lake to Gyantse with overview of mountain range, then visit Palcho monastery and Gyantse Kumbum, the 9 flowers stupas has 76 chapels. After lunch drive further onward on Tibetan plateau to Shigatse, Xigaze listed in tsang province of Tibet. The popular Tashi lhunpo monastery which is more known as Panchen lama monastery in Tibet, located at Shigatse. The huge tashi lhunpo monastery has shinning and britness futreu Buddha statue where discipline can take round.

Overnight at hotel

05 June, Day 07: Drive from Shigatse to Rongbuk (4,980 m/16,334 Ft & 7 hrs drive): 330 Km

After breakfast our drive onward to EBC on Tibetan plateau with get superb view of surrounding mountains including Makalu, Cho Oyu and Mount Everest see on parallel line. We will pass beautiful village Lhatse and old Tingri. The Rongbuk monastery probably highest altitude monastery in the earth laying at north base camp of Mount Everest at height of 4,980 m with distance of 8;30 km far from Qomolangma glacier. The sacred Buddhist monastery was found 1902 and branches monastery is in Khumbu Nepal as well. Stunning sunset can see on top of Mount Everest from Rongbuk temple.

Overnight at guesthouse

06 June, Day 08: Drive from Rongbuk monastery to Saga (4,520 m/14,825 Ft & 8 hrs drive): 370 Km

Your day will begins with see beautiful sunrise on top of the Mt Everest, Rongbuk is great view point to see Everest along with other mountains. After breakfast drive resume to Tingri town then drive continuous on friendship highway on direction of Nepal. Before ascend to Lalung-La 5050m, leave friendship highway flatten drive on direction of Kerung with passing magnificent view of Tibetan villages and Peigutso lake (4,400 m) with towering Mt. Shishapangma. Again we leave Kerung Lhasa highway then change direction to western Tibetan, a drive pass salt lake often meet yak and sheep grazing then drive up to ridge and provides view of outstanding Tibet plateau. After crossing the Brahmaputra river and arrive Saga.

Overnight at hotel

07 June, Day 09: Drive from Saga to Manasarovar Lake (4,510 m/14,790 Ft & 9 hrs): 500 km

We leave early morning from confluence town, drive along the river and pass some villages of nomad where local tribes running tea shop. The territory is very popular for grazing the animal where often meet yak. Drive pass through beautiful town Dongba, New Dongba, Parang then ascend up to Mayung-La check permits now slightly drop down on plateau with amazing view of lofty mountains turquoise lake on foot. As soon as reach at ridge get wider turquoise color Manasarovar Lake in between Gurla Mandhata peak and holy mount Kailash. We do Manasarovar circuit on clock-wise direction then drive reach at ridge where you will get extraordinary view of Rakshas Lake and Manasarovar with together surrounding mountain. Drive keep continuous further up to Chiu gomba, a little village with hot spring and gomba at bank of Manasarovar lake.

Overnight at guesthouse

06 June, Day 10: Drive from Manasarovar to Darchen (4,575 m/15,006 Ft & 1 hrs drive): 60 km

We spend morning on the coast of Manasarovar Lake with pose view of Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake together. We will see so many pilgrimage aside of the holy lake and taking bath in the secret Manasarovar lake. After breakfast short hike to gompa on the mud cliff which is vantage point of surrounding terrain. Our drive go further-up on direction of Tarchen which is 60 km far from Chiu monastery. First check in guesthouse then walk around beautiful Tibetan street after that final packing preparation for Dolma La Pass.

Overnight at guesthouse

07 June, Day 11: Trek to Derapuk (4,800 m/15,744 Ft & 7hrs trek): 16 km

We are leaving from Kailash base camp (Tarchen) after early morning breakfast with pack lunch, drive will continuous to Yamadwar (valley of god) by these time local are preparing for up-coming Saga Dawa Festival. We begin trek from valley of god with gentle climb along the foot of west face of Kailash to north face of Mount Kailash. Couple of hut are set on the way for servicing drinks and instant food for pilgrimage. Derapuk set at height of 15,744 ft above the sea level with most beautiful view of sunset and sunrise on north side of Mount Kailash.

Overnight at guesthouse

08 June, Day 12: Trek to Jujul Puk via Dolma La (22 km & 9 hrs trek)

The difficult and spectacular day on Saga dawa festival trip, from Derapuk to Dolma La path is stony steep up probably takes 3-4 hrs in alpine with gaining 600 m plus. Dolma La (5,550 m) summit is decorated with thousands of Tibetan praying flags, while local doing Kailash kora (circuit) most of them change new colorful praying flag. The tinny and beautiful Gauri Kund glacier lake laying some meters below than Dolma La summit, most of the time in the year Gauri Kunda is in frozen form except June to October. From here the trail steeply down with loose stone and scree to seasonal hut where nomad selling drinks and some instant eat able foods with hot water. The path is quite easy on grassy flatten from seasonal shed to Jujulpuk (4,780 m/15,678 Ft), there are few tea shop along the way of Jujupuk.

Overnigth at guesthouse

09 June, Day 13: Trek to bus station then transfer to Tarboche by driving watch Saga Dawa Festival: 18 km.

Saga dawa festival is annual festival in Tibet which celebrate on occasion of birthday, enlightenment and death day of lord Sakyamuni Buddha. In 2017 Saga dawa festival celebration on 9 June. Birthday of Buddha celebrate Nepal, India and Tibet in different with their ritual way. We Musical adventure trekking allow you to witness elaborate Saga dawa festival at Tarbuche (Valley of god) which laying west face of Mount Kailash. Local and monk's hugely participant on at Tarboche, the monk are the key of the festival where group of the monk recite the book with play Tibetan instruments likely conch cell, trumpets, elephant skip drum, damaru, gyaling etc another group of lama change taken flagpole down and change new Buddhist flags.

Overnight at guesthouse

10 June, Day 14: Drive to Saga (4,520 m/14,825 Ft & 8 hrs drive): 450 km

Our journey will beings after breakfast at guesthouse, the drive start along the north of Manasarovar lake with passing Horchhu village and get last glimpse of Holy Mount Kailash, sacred Mapam Yumco Lake and Gurla Mandhata peak. We probably stop at Hore ridge for taking photos then drive continuous on wider plateau with pass the nomadic to Saga.

Overnight at hotel

11 June, Day 15: Drive to Shigatse (3,920 m/12,860 Ft & 9 hrs drive): 477 Km

From Saga we are heading onward to central Tibet, the smooth drive goes along the river, vale and lush green plateau with pass the nomadic region. We confluences with friendship highway then see beautiful soaring Himalayas above the Tibetan plateau.

Overnight at hotel

12 June, Day 16: Drive from Shigatse to Lhasa (3,650 m/11,970 Ft & 6 hrs drive): 285 Km

It is about 285 km far from Shigatse to Lhasa with nearly 7 hrs drive on mountainous desert. Drive often cross over Yarlung Tsangpo and Brahama putra River then over the passes, it is vantage point and offer splendid mountain view and wider arid valley.

Overnight at hotel

13 June, Day 17: Departure from Tibet

This is last day of your trip in mysterious Buddhism land, after breakfast transfer to Gonggar airport only airport in Lhasa city 3 hrs in prior of your flight schedule.



Cost Includes:

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off srivces at Kathamndu
  • Tibet travel permits, road permits and visa processing charge
  • Kathmandu valley sightseeing by private transportaion
  • Tibet tour A/C jeep/bus according to group size
  • 14 Nights’ twin sharing accommodation(lodge/hotel)
  • Private guide and transportation in entire trip as mention above itinerary
  • All the entrances fees of Monasteries and Monuments as mentioned above itinerary
  • English-speaking local Tibetan guide
  • Kathmandu to Lhasa & Lhasa to Kathmandu flight
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off services at Lhasa

Cost Excludes

  • Emergency evacuations/Rescue
  • Personal expenses like shopping, porter, phone calls, laundry, yak etc
  • Dinner and Lunch entire trip
  • Travel & Medical Insurance
  • Tips to drivers and guide

Accommodations & Meals a likely Saga Dawa Festival Tour in Tibet:

As soon arrived in Kathmandu capital of Nepal, Musical Adventure Trekking arrange accommodate at 3 star category hotel at touristic hub, Thamel for 2 nights. Then flying from Kathmandu with aerial Mountain View bring at Lhasa, the mountain desert. 3 nights' Lhasa accommodation will provides at 3 star deluxe hotel with buffet breakfast. Then Sighatse and Saga also have lavish lodging with Tibetan flavor. The basic accommodation will be provides in following places Rongbuk monastery, Manasarovar Lake, Derapuk and Jujupuk with outside toilet. We will arrange overnight accommodation at Tarboche valley in tented camp and eye witness to watch colorful Buddhist festival entire day.

Multiple cuisine meal items are available along the Saga Dawa Festival Tour including authentic Tibetan, Chinese, Indian, Nepalese and western foods. We advise you to eat typical Tibetan foods while travelling in Tibet like noodle, rice, Tibetan soup, veg and verities of meat are available. Butter tea and green tea are very famous in Tibet.

Equipment List


Daypack up to 50 litre.

Down jacket

4 Seasons sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag liner.

Water bottle

Trekking pole


1 Pair liner gloves thin wool or synthetic.

1 Elevation water proof wristwatch.

1 Nail cutter.

1Pair wind/waterproof gloves.

Upper Body – Head/Ears/Eyes

Sun head or Gulf cap

Sun glasses 100% UV protection with side shields and hard-sided storage in case.

Headlamp or torch light with at least 1pair of extra battery.

Ear muffs

Sun Lotions /Sun cream.

Main Body

2 Cotton t-shirts.

1 Synthetic t-shirt.

2 Long sleeve polyester or synthetic lightweight for sunny days. V-neck.

Zipper provides addition venting options which are good for changing temperatures.

1 Soft shell jacket water & wind resist.

1 Women swimming dress bathing in Hot spring.

Inner cloths as required

Lower Body / Leg

1Pair nylon hiking short paints. Quick drying type not cotton.

1Pair cotton paints(loose jeans/khakis).

1Pair soft shell pants – synthetic, full zip from top and bottom preferable.

1Pair waterproof/windproof paint.

2Pair inner Thermal for day and night.

Inner cloths as you needed.


3Pair of trekking socks.

1Pairs woollen socks wearing on evening.

1Pair light sport or shoes sneaker.

Trekking boots.

Medicines / First Aid

Ibuprofen for general aches and pains.

Imodium or Pepto Bismo capsules for upset stomach or diarrheal.

Diamox(commonly prescribed as Acetazolamide) 125 or 250mg tablets for altitude sickness. Please talk to with trek leader before taking medicine.

1Small personal sized first-aid kit with blister treatments such as mole skin, band aides

Anti-infection ointments, etc.

Your guides will have more extensive medical gear, but you should have the basics for general use.

Medicines / First Aid

Ibuprofen for general aches and pains.

Imodium or Pepto Bismo capsules for upset stomach or diarrheal.

Diamox(commonly prescribed as Acetazolamide) 125 or 250mg tablets for altitude sickness. Please talk to with trek leader before taking medicine.

1Small personal sized first-aid kit with blister treatments such as mole skin, band aides

Anti-infection ointments, etc.

Your guides will have more extensive medical gear, but you should have the basics for general use.

Extended Trips

Chitwan Jungle Safari (2N/3D)
Royal chitwan National Park is first national park in Nepal, covering an area of 932 SQ KM in lowland Nepal.

Bardia National Park (3N/4D)
Bardia National Park lying eastern bank of Karnali River in Bardia District in southern west Nepal.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (3N/4D)
Koshi Tapppu Wildlife Reaserve is one of the smallest wildlife reserve in Nepal lies in Terai region.

Trisuli River Rafting (1D)
Trisuli River is the most popular destination for rafters visiting Nepal from all over the world. It is an excellent rafting destination.

Trip Facts

Activities: Cultural and Heritage Tour

Maximum Height: 5,430 m/17,777 Ft

Duration: 14 Days & 12 Days

Transportation: Jeep/Bus/Flight

Grade: High Altitude Tour

Season: May or June

Accommodation: Hotel/Lodge/Guesthouse

Meal: Bed and Breakfast

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