Kailash Manasarovar Tour

Kailash Manasarovar tour is holiest journey to abbot of gods and goddess. Mount Kailash is important sacred destination for Jainism, Hinduism, Bon and Buddhism religions. Every single year million of devotees travel to foot of holy Kailash and take bathe into pristine Manasarovar Lake.

The holy Manasarovar Lake and Mount Kailash lies in Himalayas and it takes at least 2 weeks to complete the Kailash Manasarovar Tour and trip feature is Manasarovar Lake, Mount Kailash, Parbati Kunda, Astha Parbat, Rakshastal, Bramaputra Lake, Tirtha Puri, Dolma La Pass and fourth faces of Kailash. The high passes Dolma La (5,620 m/18,200 Ft) is completely filled of religious flags and it is tough trek but worth to do it.

Manasarovar Lake: The Manasarovar Lake is lies (4,590 m/15,060 Ft) above the sea level on courtyard of Mount Kailash and foot of border Himalayas in Tibetan plateau. 88 km Perimeter Lake has 90 m depth and it is a home of the fish and some species of birds. Manasarovar Lake has got another name in Tibetan language it called Mapham Yumtso. The Hindus believed mind of lord Brama created it and Bon said Zhang Zhung Meri found it many years back.

Hindu and Buddhist do lake circuit on clockwise and Bon do circuit on anti-clockwise. The turquoise lake is very important for both region Hindu and Buddhist said if you take a bath and drink fresh holy water from lake, you will have sin free life 100 times. Even the great sankrit poetry Kalidas mention some words in his book: once taken bath in holy Manasarovar Lake will be sin free for 100 life. Bon believed their sacred deity took a bath in Mapham yumtso and Tibetan call Lake is jewel of Tibet. While doing a circuit around the pristine lake, you will get one of the best views of Mount Kailash with base of Manasarovar Lake and Chiu Gompa. The bus/jeep will stop at ridge between the Manasarovar Lake and Rakshastal and get awesome sight of both lakes and huge wider plateau.

Holy Mount Kailash: The holy virgin mount Kilash (6,638 m/21,778 Ft) is home of the Lord Shiva with his wife Parbati. Kaliash has a name in native language called Gang Ringpoche, which means god of mountains. Before revolution start in Tibet, traverse can easily access to Kailash territory and so many India Sadus did meditation at basement of Kailash in the cave. Nobody reach on top of the Kailash, 1999 American climber want to climber it but did not get any permission from Chinese government and in 2001 Spanish climber got permission but he denied to climb because of god lives on crest of Kailash. Later early 2000 the India saint want to wash Holy Mountain by milk from helicopter but no permission from Chinese government. While doing journey around the Kailash you will get four face of Kailash with different image of Nadi, Ganesh and Om as well. The four largest river of south Asia is begins from base of mountain Bhramaputra River, Karnali River, Indus River and Sutlej River.

The journey begins with Kathmandu valley sightseeing, where you will be visited Pashupatinath temple, Jaal Narayan, Shaktipith etc. Then journey continuous to world highest plateau where gods meet with width landscapes of arid. The smooth drive continuous with incredible view of Himalaya between Tibet and Nepal then passing a buzzing town Simikot, Hilsa, Taklakot and beautiful turquoise Lake, As you driving further up, passing a passes of 5,000 m, we believe it help you to acclimatize to go further up to Kailash Parikrama. In our journey we often driven aside of sheep and yak grazing with encountering nomad life of Tibetan’s is quite interesting, it said some of the nomad never take shower entire life because living in high elevation. On day 05 of your Kailash yatra, you will be welcomed by Holy Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake, after taking a bath at holy Manasarover Lake feel great to be arriving at abbot of Lord Shiva. 3 days Kailash Parikrama on foot of Lord of Lord is a lifetime with encountering different images of god and goddess in gorge with towering Kailash. Lifetime eyewitness view of spectacular Mt. Kailash especially sunset and sunrise on crest of Kailash with four faces of Kailash. Then trek over the Dolma La Pass is great trek experience and stunning view of holy Parbati Kund from summit. After completely 3days Kailash Parikrama and get dharshan from all face of Kailash with clean soul and mind driving back to Kathmandu.

Kailash Manasarovar Tour Itinerary

Day 01:
Arrival or meeting at Kathmandu (1,350 m/4,429 Ft)
Day 02:
Half Day Kathmandu valley sightseeing then fly to Nepalgunj
Day 03:
Fly from Nepalgunj to Simikot (3,010 m/9,872 Ft)
Day 04:
Fly from Simikot to Hilsa and then drive to Taklakot in Tibet (4025 m/13,200 Ft)
Day 05:
Drive from Taklakot to Manasarovar ((4,558 m/14,954 Ft & 4-5hrs drive): 88 km
Day 06:
Drive from Manasarovar to Darchen (4,575 m/15,006 Ft & 1hrs drive): 60km
Day 07:
From Darchen drive to valley of God then trek to Derapuk (4,870 m/15,973 Ft & 4-5 hrs trek): 12Km
Day 08:
Trek from Derapuk to Gauri Kunda (Dolma La Pass) then trek to Juthulpuk (4,790 m/15,715 Ft & 9hrs): 22Km
Day 09:
From Juthulpuk drive to Hilsa (3,640 m/11,940 Ft & 5-6hrs walk & drive): 155Km
Day 10:
Fly Hilsa to Simikot then fly to Nepaljung and Kathmandu/Lucknow
Day 11:
Day 11 Departure

Note: Musical Adventure Trekking arranges group Joining tour and solo individual private tour to Tibet. We even can customized tour itinerary in your interest that’s we can reduce or extern length of duration on your demands. We arrange Tibet tour from directly Lhasa and from Kathmandu to Kathmandu as well. Above Itinerary is a guideline & Standard pattern, which we provide you. Our trip cost will be based on Budget, Standard, Deluxe accommodation and group size. So please kindly provides us your trip details for a customized program. We will able to arrange standard and deluxe accommodation on Shigatse, Gyantse & Lhasa other than those places, will be guesthouse accommodations.

Day 01 Arrival in Kathmandu (1,350 m/4,428 Ft)

Upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International airport, Kathmandu, Nepal our company representative will welcome come you and then transfer to hotel. We will have group meeting at your hotel in evening about tour brief of Kailash Manasaravor journey. Then an evening drive to Pashupatinath temple for aarati.

Overnight at hotel

Day 02 Half day Kathmandu valley sightseeing and fly to Nepaljung (155 m/508 Ft)

After breakfast at hotel the day proceed to explore the religious sights of Kathmandu namely Mata Guheswori temple & Budhanilkantha. After lunch at your hotel transfer to domestic terminal of Kathmandu and an hours flight to Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj is commercial humid town of south Nepal.

Overnight at hotel

Day 03 Fly from Nepalgunj to Simikot (3,010 m/9,872 Ft)

We will have early flight from Nepaljunj to Simikot which will be one hours duration flight over the mountains. Simikot laying at height of 9,872 feet above the sea level and nearly 50 km far from Tibetan plateau. We will have overnight at Simikot for acclimatize with high elevation and walk around across the town.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 04 Fly from Simikot to Hilsa and then drive to Taklakot in Tibet (4025 m/13,200 Ft)

From Simikot, we will fly with helicopter, a 30 minute flight over the high mountains will provides Arial Himalayan view of western Nepal. 1 chopper will carry 5/6 persons with allowing to carry 10 kg baggage's of each passengers. As soon as arrive at Hilsa our staff will receive and escort to Immigration. Once complete the documents procession at Hilsa immigration then nearly 30 km drive to Taklakot (first port of Tibet).

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 05 Drive from Taklakot to Manasarovar ((4,558 m/14,954 Ft & 8hrs drive): 88 km

Our crew will serve you breakfast in the morning then drive start along the Taklakot village and Tibetan plateau. As drive continuous higher up to ridge, we will see massive view of Mt. Kailash, Gurla mandhata with together holy Manasarovar lake. On the way we pass beautiful Rakshas tal which is largest glacier lake on our journey. Before onward to halt, we do Manasarovar lake circuit(Kora in local Tibetan language) which will takes 3hrs. The vehicle will stops aside of Manasarovar Lake and take bath on the Lake and refile your water cane.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 06 Drive from Manasarovar to Darchen (4,575 m/15,006 Ft & 1hrs drive): 60 km

An early morning we will do ritual puja (homage) and take hot bath at bank of Manasarovar Lake, as soon as puja over we take hot lunch then drive to Darchen. While driving onward to Darchen we see magnificent view of south face of Mount Kailash. Before dinner repack bag for Kailash parikarama and group brief about the Kailash Circuit.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 07 From Darchen drive to valley of God then trek to Derapuk (4,870 m/15,973 Ft & 4-5 hrs trek): 12 Km

We leave after breakfast around 9 am from Darchen with pack lunch and sufficient drinking water far along the trail. First we drive to Tarboche and walk through the heaven gate then we begins first day of round Kailash here with walking and horse riding. The trail lead gentle up on the gorge with different images of the animals and god underneath west face of Kailash. The 4-5 hrs walk pass few tea shop along the way to Derapuk, as soon as arrive at Derapuk, we will see close-up and massive view of north face Mount Kailash. Then before get dark will see fiery sunset on the Mount Kailash as well.

Overnight at hotel

Day 08 Trek from Derapuk to Gauri Kunda (Dolma La Pass) then trek to Juthulpuk (4,790 m/15,715 Ft & 8-9hrs): 22Km

As we have long and tough day in entire our tour, we will begins our day an early morning from Derapuk after hot breakfast. We will arrange pack lunch and hot drinking water for each yatri before onward to Dolma La Pass. Must part of trail ascending up to summit of Dolma La after crossing Iron Bridge over the stream. As we climbing up on the rugged trail, pass cloth donation memorial where you can see so many devotees left used cloths. The Dolma La summit is completely cover by multi-color Tibetan Buddhist flags and few steps drop, we will see Gauri Kunda probably 150 m below than our trail, the picture square lake often frozen and other time is in beautiful turquoise color. If you are fit for walking and not suffering from AMS, can walk down to Gauri Kunda and touch water and refile bottle yourself. From ridge keep descending on stony trail to tea shop then gentle descend along the river on east face of Mount Kailash to Juthulpuk.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 09 From Juthulpuk drive to Hilsa (3,640 m/11,940 Ft & 5-6hrs walk & drive): 155 Km

After breakfast leave from guesthouse with 2 hrs flatten walk laterally on the river to bus station then 20 minute drive to Darchen. We have hot lunch at Derchen base camp of Mount Kailash. After lunch we drive back on Tibetan plateau with pass Manasarovar and Raksesh Lake to Taklakot with last glimpse of south face of Kailash. Then we stop at Tibetan immigration before departure from land of god and then after finished documents process at both country immigration drive to Hilsa.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 10 Fly Hilsa to Simikot then fly to Nepaljung and Kathmandu/Lucknow

After breakfast fly out from Hilsa to Simikot which takes 30 minute then continuous fly to Nepalgunj, 200 km far from Lucknow India and 550 Km far from Kathmandu.

Overnight at hotel

Kathmandu:The pilgrimage whoever coming back to Kathmandu, will have connecting flight at Nepalgunj and flight to Kathmandu on afternoon.
Lucknow:If anybody taking train to home from Lucknow, we will transfer to Lucknow by bus/jeep according to number of passengers.
Lumbini:Lumbini, birth places of Lord Buddha is 250 km away from Nepalgunj, if any traveler are wishing to visit at historical places of Nepal where Lord Buddha took birth. I will help you to organize with private guide, A/C room and private A/C vehicles according to group's size.

Day 11 Departure

Those pilgrimages whoever return to Kathmandu will be transfer to international airport according to your flight schedules.

Cost Includes:

  • 2 night’s accommodation in Kathmandu in 3/4 star hotel twin sharing room
  • Half day guided tour in Kathmandu as per mentioned in itinerary 
  • 07 night’s basic accommodations in Tibet/Nepal on group sharing basis guesthous
  • 01 night’s accommodations in Nepalgunj in 3/4 star hotel twin sharing room
  • Freshly cooked vegetarian meals 3 times day
  • Supporting Nepali crew including our own cooks
  • Permits for Manasarovar and Kailash Kora
  • Tibet Tourism Board (TTB) approved guide
  • Private transportation in Van/Bus in entire trip
  • Kailash Permit, Tibet (Chinese) visa fee
  • Camping equipment’s for kitchen, Shower
  • Sleeping bag/ Down Jacket if needed (should return after yatra)
  • Duffle bag (big bag for keeping personal clothes and equipment’s) & day carry hand bag
  • Experienced tour leader/co-coordinator with each group
  • ENOUGH Oxygen cylinder entire of tour
  • Yaks and Yak-men to carry baggage, food, fuel etc while making round of Mt. Kailash

Cost Excludes

  • Personal Pony Charges (will cost approximately US$ 325 per pony and helper for three days)
  • Personal expenses like shopping, phone calls, extra drinks, laundry, yak etc
  • Expenses of personal nature.
  • Any additional expenses caused by reasons beyond our control such as natural calamities, flight delays, rescheduling or cancellations, accidents etc
  • Tips to drivers, hotel staff
  • Extra cost of transportation, Porter etc involved due landslides, snowfall
  • Trip cancellation charge due to Tibet government rules and other, which are not in our Hand
  • Services other than specified

Note: More than 2 nights accommodation and other activities in Kathmandu is extra. Incase of delay permit from Tibet and peoples have to wait in Kathmandu, incase of early return from Kailash or any other reason

Equipment List of Kailash Manasarovar Tour


Daypack up to 50 litre

Down jacket

4 Seasons sleeping bag

Sleeping bag liner

Water bottle

Trekking pole

Water cane for Manasarovar and Gauri Kund water


1 Pair liner gloves thin wool or synthetic

1 Elevation water proof wristwatch

1 Nail cutter

1Pair wind/waterproof gloves

Upper Body– Head/Ears/Eyes

Sun head or Gulf cap

Sun glasses 100% UV protection with side shields and hard-sided storage in case

Headlamp or torch light with at least 1pair of extra battery

Ear muffs

Sun Lotions /Sun cream

Main Body

2 Cotton t-shirts

1 Synthetic t-shirt

2 Long sleeve polyester or synthetic lightweight for sunny days. V-neck

Zipper provides addition venting options which are good for changing temperatures

1 Soft shell jacket water & wind resist

1 Women swimming dress bathing in Hot spring

Inner cloths as required

Lower Body/Leg

1Pair nylon hiking short paints. Quick drying type not cotton

1Pair cotton paints(loose jeans/khakis).

1Pair soft shell pants – synthetic, full zip from top and bottom preferable

1Pair waterproof/windproof paint

2Pair inner Thermal for day and night

Inner cloths as you needed


3Pair of trekking socks

1Pairs woollen socks wearing on evening

1Pair light sport or shoes sneaker

Trekking boots

Medicines/First Aid list for Kailash Yatra

Ibuprofen for general aches and pains

Imodium or Pepto Bismo capsules for upset stomach or diarrheal

Diamox(commonly prescribed as Acetazolamide) 125 or 250mg tablets for altitude sickness. Please talk to with trek leader before taking medicine

1Small personal sized first-aid kit with blister treatments such as mole skin, band aides

Anti-infection ointments, etc

Your guides will have more extensive medical gear, but you should have the basics for general use

Extended Trips

Chitwan Jungle Safari (2N/3D)
Royal chitwan National Park is first national park in Nepal, covering an area of 932 SQ KM in lowland Nepal.

Bardia National Park (3N/4D)
Bardia National Park lying eastern bank of Karnali River in Bardia District in southern west Nepal.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (3N/4D)
Koshi Tapppu Wildlife Reaserve is one of the smallest wildlife reserve in Nepal lies in Terai region.

Trisuli River Rafting (1D)
Trisulu River is the most popular destination for rafters visiting Nepal from all over the world. It is an excellent rafting destination.

Trip Facts

Activities: Sightseeing and religious tour

Maximum Height: 5,620 m/18,200 Ft

Duration: 11Days

Transportation: Bus/Jeep/Flight/Chopper

Grade: High Altitude

Best Season: June - September

Accommodation: Hotel/Lodge/Guesthouse

Meal: Full Board

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