Mustang Tiji Festival Trek

Tiji Festival, an annual ritual celebrate on shade of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan range called upper Mustang in center-north Nepal. The upper mustang region is culturally, linguistically and geographically relevant with Tibetan. A twelve-monthly occasion especially celebrated and take a part group of the Buddhist monks and aboriginal people called Lobhas. International travelers allowed to visit forbidden kingdom from 1992 but Michel Peissel from France had mention in his travel book Mustang “A lost Tibetan kingdom”, he traveled to Upper-Mustang and witnessed elaborate festival in 1964. He said “The scenes I witnessed were so extraordinary and so unexpected that I dared not believe my eyes and even today I have some trouble in believing in the reality of what I saw that day”. 3 day's monks chanting and dancing at back age Lamanthang village is the highlight of the Upper Mustang Tiji festival trek. 3 days ritual where monks will be dressed in a gold, blue, yellow and red brocade gown in which was plaited the image of Mera, the god of death with red and yellow head. The festival is usually marked “Teeji” is the condensed form of a term ‘Tempa chhirim’ which literally means prayer for peace in the world.

Three day's festival in fact, honors the triumph of Buddha’s personification in Dhorji Sonam over an evil spirit named Ma Tam Ru Ta, a Waxman eater. The devil also caused rainstorm and droughts to devastate people’s livestock as well as houses. The dance actually is in the form of play to perform- the birth of Dhorji sonam, the annoyance done by Ma Tam Ru Ta, and effort of Dhorji sonam to get victory over Dhorji sonam and it is organized by chhyode Gumba which is a monastery of sakya-pa cult situated in Lomanthang. The dance performed on the first day is called ‘Tsa Chham’ and ‘Nga Chham is the dance performed on the second day while, one of the monks among three monks has to reside in isolation during winter to enact the character of Dhorji sonam on the third day. The dance performed on the third day is known as ‘Rha Chham’. There is a strong belief that the village gets rid-off evil spirits via the performances.

There will be maximum monks from nearby monasteries including fours sect of Buddhism (Nyingmapa, Kagyupa, Sakyapa and Gelupa). Beyond the annually monk ceremony upper mustang is rich in natural source and ancient autochthonous cultural as well. As we do trek one village to another village visiting interesting places cave and monastery like Chhunsi Kangchung cave, Ghar Gompa, Chhusang valley, Konchog Ling Cave Red cliff in Dhakmar, Chhoser Cave, John cave and Nifu cave and natural hot spring. There are optional way to reach Lomanthang and watch the elaborate Himalayan festival. Our tailored made itinerary will be based on your interest and physically fitness. Thus can choose either by 4-8 hours up and down trekking each day or 5-6 hours jeep drive on off-road or bicycling in the mountainous territory.

2019 Upper Mustang Tiji Festival:

Tiji Festival trek is combined journey of nature, culture and religious spot. Each year hundreds of international tourist dragged by charming Himalayan cultural. 470 international tourist and hundreds of local watched Tiji festival in 2017. Finally 2019 Tiji Festival date is published and 3 days ritual festival beginning from 31st May and ending on 02nd June at Lomanthang, Upper Mustang. So book your enchanted festival trip with Musical Adventure Trekking on advanced.

Note: As Tiji festival voyage begins from Jomsom, we often walk along the jeep track that make trek route dusty as well but some section skip road and trek on alternative route as well.

Mustang Tiji Festival Trek Itinerary 2019

23 May 2019:Day 01:
Arrival at Kathmandu (1,350 m/4,420 Ft)
24 May 2019:Day 02:
Cultural excursion around Kathmandu valley
25 May 2019:Day 03:
Kathmandu to Pokhara (850m/2,788ft & 8 hours drive or 20 minute flight)
26 May 2019:Day 04:
Pokhara to Kagbeni via Jomsom (2,900m/9,514ft & 4 hours trek)
27 May 2019:Day 05:
Kagbeni to Chele (3,100m/10,170ft & 6 hours trek)
28 May 2019:Day 06:
Chele to Ghiling(3,555m/11,660ft & 6 hours trek)
29 May 2019:Day 07:
Ghiling to Tsarang/Charang (3,560m/11,677ft & 6 hours trek)
30 May 2019:Day 08:
Charang to Lo Manthang (3,850m/12,631ft & 4/5 hours trek)
31 May 2019:Day 09:
Inauguration day of Tiji Festival
01 June 2019:Day 10:
Second day of Tiji Festival
02 June 2019:Day 11:
Finishing day of Tiji Festival
03 June 2019:Day 12:
Lo Manthang to Drakmar/Dhakmar (3,800m/12,467ft & 6 hours trek)
04 June 2019:Day 13:
Drakmar to Chele (3,100m/10,168ft & 6/7 hours treks)
05 June 2019:Day 14:
Chele to Jomsom (2,800m/9,186ft & 6/7 hours trek)
06 June 2019:Day 15:
Fly to Pokhara then Pokhara Sightseeing
07 June 2019:Day 16:
Pokhara to Kathamndu 20 minute flight or 8 hours drive
08 June 2019:Day 17:

2019 Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Tour Itinerary

25 May 2019:Day 01:
Arriving in Kathmandu (1,300m/4,428ft)
26 May 2019:Day 02:
Cultural excursion around Kathmandu valley
27 May 2019:Day 03:
Kathmandu to Pokhara (850m/2,788ft & 8 hours drive or 20 minute flight)
28 May 2019:Day 04:
Fly to Jomsom (2,800m/9,186ft & 20 minute flight)
29 May 2019:Day 05:
Drive from Jomsom to Charang (Tsarang) (3,100m/10,170ft & 5 hours drive)
30 May 2019:Day 06:
Drive from Charang[Tsarang] to Lomanthang (3,850m/12,631ft & 2 hours drive)
31 May 2019:Day 07:
Inauguration day of Tiji Festival
01 June 2019:Day 08:
Second day of Tiji Festival
02 June 2019:Day 09:
Finishing day of Tiji Festival
03 June 2019:Day 10:
Drive from Lo-Manthang to Jomsom (2,800m/9,186ft & 7 hours drive)
04 June 2019:Day 11:
Fly to Pokhara, transfer to hotel then Pokhara Sigtseeing
05 June 2019:Day 12:
Drive or fly to Kathamndu
06 June 2019:Day 13:

Note: The above itinerary is a guideline and standard pattern, which we provide you. Trek itinerary can be modified according to your interest, time and requirements. The trip cost will be according to Deluxe, Standard, Budget and group size so please kindly provides us your details for a customized program.

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1,350 m/4,428 Ft)

Our airport representative will come to meet you at TIA arrival gate with your name in play card. After pleasant meeting drive to hotel at Thamel. As soon as arrive at hotel check in and then take your own time to explore around nearby attraction.

Overnight at hotel.

Day 02: Kathmandu valley sightseeing and trek permits proceed day

Musical Adventure Trekking will get your special permit of Mustang, it take at least half day to make it. You can have your own time, if you prefer to see some cultural and heritage site of Kathmandu, your guide will take you their. Like Bouddhanath stupa, the largest 9 storey Buddhist stupa in the valley with decorated by multi-color Tibetan flag. After that visit oldest Hindu temple, Pashupatinath where you can see death cremate in term of Hindu ritual and take a photos with holy man and Sadhus. Then we will have typical Nepalese lunch after that drive onward to Kathmandu durbar square, you will see home of living Hindu goddess, statue of Bhiraiv and monkey god Hanuman, big bell and Teleju temple. Basantapur is former royal palace, it has beautiful wood carving and sculpture in each corner of durbar square complex. Now walk out from north gate and take straight alley with looking colorful local market at Ason then continues to Thamel.

Overnight at hotel

Day 03: Kathmandu to Pokhara (827 m/2,712 Ft & 7-8 hrs drive) by deluxe tourist bus

Your guide will come to pick you up at hotel around 6:20 am then short warm up walk to Kantipath bus station from hotel and bus departure at 7 am. It is a scenic bus journey from Kathmandu to Pokhara more or less it takes 7hrs. The scenery will be changed dramatically along the drive, first drive begins from dense population town with viewing color houses. Once drive cross Nagdunga (snake image stone) beautiful landscape with dotted village appear on the sloppy hill and panoramic Himalayas range see above the green countryside. After that journey meet with Trishuli and Marshyandi River, you can see people doing adventurous white rafting from your bus windows. As soon as arrive at Pokhara, if time allow voyage constant to Tibetan refugee camp, Gupteswor cave and boating at Phewa Lake.

Overnight at hotel

Day 04: Fly to Jomsom (2,720 m/8,920 Ft) then trek to Kagbeni (2,900 m/9,512 Ft & 3-4 hrs)

Usually Pokhara to Jomsom flight operate an early morning unless the weather turn worse. It is complete mountain flight in between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan range, fiery sun ray make snow-capped peak more astounding. After landing at Jomsom airport, meet with support crew and escort to hotel and have delicious organic Himalayan breakfast. We make our trail across the Thakali village with crossing suspension bridge. Then we continuous our way wide bank of Kaligandaki River where we often found fossils with different images. A level trail offers widespread of arid setting with crest view of Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri and Tilicho peak. Before reaching to medieval Kagbeni village trek pass apple orchid and tea shop on ghost valley. The get way village of forbidden kingdom has beautiful shakya pa sect monastery where hundreds of young monk are practicing Buddhism. Better to visit monastery in evening or morning where you can witness to see puja. If time allow, you can do side trip to nearby tiri village go and fro takes 2hrs. Entrance and exit of village has male and female phallic, local believed it is guard of village.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 05: Kagbeni to Tsaile/Chaile (3,100 m/10,168 Ft & 5-6 hrs trek)

We begin trek after hot and delicious breakfast at hotel, as soon as we leave, trek goes through midst of village and check restricted permits before leave village behind us. Now short ascend up present soaring peak and smoky Tibetan village with huge kaligandi valley. The flat trail lead on arid canyon with eyeing beautiful image of mound to small Tengbe. Trek drop down to bank of river then short walk bring us at Chhusang village, a small village separated by Tetang River. We stop here for lunch, now trek continuous north coastline of river with viewing colorful traditional grave, chorten and stupa with favorable local atmosphere. Cross steel bridge over Kaligandaki River where river throughout natural cliff tunnel on ravine. East side of canyon has huge cliff with 16 beautiful cave. The trail upward with climbing on pasture and terrace to Tsaile village, the chaile village located at tiny ridge, it offers amazing sunset on Thorong peak, Tilicho peak and Nilgiri himal.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 06: Tsaile to Ghiling/Gheling (3,555 m/11,660 Ft & 6-7 hrs trek)

Today you will ascend 900m and descend 450m, our tiji journey begin after breakfast from guesthouse, the trail lead throughout village with ascending on shingle path on plateau and animal pasturing sloppy. As soon as we trek out plateau, the classical upper mustang trekking trail throughout middle of huge cut-off cliff. We keep climbing with looking enormous view of dry valley and desert landscape to Samare village. A small Tibetan style village with guesthouse and tea shop after tea break here trek drop-down to ditch then ascending up on sloppy hilly often pass oak tree to Bhena, often can see sheep and goat pasturing around here. The trail still climbing-up after lunch here to Chungi La summit, the pass presents astonishing view of barren grey-brown landscape with huge canyon and sky-high Himalayan range. Now onward our trip to visit beautiful natural cave of Guru Rinpoche, the native believe Guru Rinpoche had done meditation in the cave while making his way to Tibet in 8th century for preaching Buddhism. After visiting historical cave we resume trek and make tea break at Syangboche, short climb up bring us at a ridge, the colorful lungda and painted chhorten make crest more beautiful. Our level trail continuous on the plateau to Ghiling, often encounter Jackal, deer and fox. A small village with Tibetan cultural influence have some beautiful monastery and large old-era chhorten in middle of village.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 07: Ghiling to Tsarang (3,560 m/11,677 Ft & 6 hrs trek)

Today we do two passes with height of 4,000 m, we make our way after breakfast with gentle uphill through shrubs and grain-farm with viewing Annapurna range to main-stream trail of Upper Mustang. The main trail lead with ascending to Nyi-La pass above Nyi-La pass to Lo-manthang called center of Upper Mustang. The trail drop-descend at valley of Nyi-La and Chu-La to Ghami, we make lunch break at Ghami, short descend and cross the suspension bridge then gentle climbing trail goes aside of longest mani wall of Nepal. Our trail onward uphill to surpass of small crest then descend on the plateau to Tsarang village. We trek under the one of the grey and red painted stupa before reaching to old-age Charang village.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 08: Tsarang to Lo-Manthang (3,850 m/12,631 Ft & 4-5 hrs trek)

After breakfast trek begins from Tsarang it is a more or less 4 to 5 hours trek from Tsarang to Lo-manthang, in the beginning classical trade trail cross through puzzling alley of ancient village to canyon. Then cross the river which follow descend from Ghar Gumba (house monastery), we slightly climb on gorge with looking Tsarang village and ravine to Tholung Lo-La. A summit offer best view of walled city of Nepal, the king live in midst of walled city with white and grey painted palace with 2472 feet peripheral long and 26 feet tall which was built in 1380 AD. The cluster mud housed village is surrounded by brown mound with cultivate trim images. Now we trek down from hilltop on arid plateau and then crossing stream at bottom. A gradual-up on grassy meadow bring us at accident village, the village used to be trade center between indo-Tibet salt trade. After lunch onward journey to Jhampa Lhakang monastery, huge image of future Buddha maître and gold water painted tantric mandala with outstanding enigma art. The 4th floor monastery has roof as well, the roof offers great view of plateau.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 09: Inauguration day of Tiji Festival

First day of Tiji Festival called “Tsa Chham” start early morning from Chhyoden Gompa then short walk to Thubchen monastery, ritual begins by group of monks on big hall. After that decorative costumes wearer monks make short walk to Gyalbo palace with permission of mustang king. Monk start colorful tiji festival around 2 pm on square of palace. While sitting on the ground you will be greeted by women’s groups in fabulous traditional attires and jewelry. Only monks from Chhyoden gompa is performer of the festival but all the four Buddhist sect come to watch the annual Himalayan ceremony.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 10: Second day of Tiji Festival

2nd Day of Tenjee festival is one of the important ritual day along the three days festival, the courtyard will occupied by native and international visitor. The local colorful dressed-up with different old-style jewelry make the ceremony more vivid and worth it. Better to make your way to square as early as possible, there will be hives of people to observe cultural show. The fantastic Himalayan festival will continuous with performance of Buddhism monks on rhythm of Buddhist chant, the yellow and red hat wear monk with play cymbals, various dungchen, human thighbone flutes etc. whatever monks and native done, it means to chase away the evil spirit from the lost buddhist kingdom.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 11: Finishing day of Tiji Festival

Today is the final day of festival, Tiji ends with the ceremonial demolition of the evil remains, represented by some long black yak hair and red torma (barley cakes). The demons red remnants are set out on an old tiger skin, where-upon they are attacked by bow and arrow, slings, and the old guns. The poor devils remains are over- turned upon the ground, each time to a wild cannonade from the old muzzle-loaders and a wave of cheers and smoke.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 12: Lo Manthang to Drakmar (3,800 m/12,467 Ft & 6-7 hrs trek)

From today we are turning back with taking upper highland way, the highlander route presenting dramatic views of Himalayan range and highland.The zigzag trail leading up on the sloppy meadow to tiny summit at height of 4,220 m. then gentle trail leading to Ghar Gomba.

The legendary monastery set at 3845 m and believed to construct in 8th century by Padmasambhava before reaching Samye monastery in Tibet. One monk always here and even can prepare light meals and drink for visitors. Entrance of gompa has beautiful painting of different god images and big statue of Guru Ringpoche and other followers inside the Ghar Gompa. It cost 200 Rs to get inside the monastery even can see panoramic landscapes view from the old Ghar Gompa monastery. After spending some time at monastery trek descend to Drakmar, huge red cliff will appear right side of the village.

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 13: Drakmar to Chaile/Tsaile (3,100 m/10,168 Ft & 6-7 hrs treks)

Short descend to Ghami river after crossing suspension bridge ascend up and passing Ghami village then Nyi La Pass and descend to Jhaite and syangboche. Again descending Bhena, Samar then finally arrive at Tsaile

Overnight at guesthouse

Day 14: Chele to Jomsom (2,800 m/9,186 Ft & 6-7 hrs trek)

From chaile gentle trek continous along Kaligandaki river and passing villages Chhusang, Tangbe, Kagbenia and finally arrive at Jomsom.

Overnight at hotel

Day 15: Jomsom to Pokhara 20 minute flight then Pokhara Sightseeing

The short flight will bring us at Pokhara then you will do baoting at Phewa lake, visit Gupteshwor Mahadev cave and Bat cave.

Overnight at hotel

Day 16: Pokhara to Kathamndu 8 hrs by drive

A 7hours bus journey will will offers great view of himalayas, landscapes, country side. The bus will make break on way for breakfast, lunch and toilet

Overnight at hotel

Day 17: Departure

Here we come to the end of our memorable a Himalayan trip. We transferred to international airport according to your flight schedule then onward journey to home.

Cost Includes:

  • International and Domestic airport-pick-up and drop-off service
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu on bed & breakfast plan as per the itinerary
  • Accommodation in Pokhara on bed & breakfast plan as per the itinerary
  • All the required ground transportation as mention in the Itinerary
  • Guided Kathmandu valley sightseeing tour with private transportation
  • Trekking Permits (Immigration Permit & Annapurna Conservation Area Permits
  • Experienced English speaking licensed guide with salary, accommodation, food & Insurance
  • High altitude experienced Sherpa porter (1 porter carry 2 trekker's luggage) with insurance, salary and equipment’s
  • Three meals a day during the trek (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner with Hot drinks)
  • Seasonal fresh fruits where available
  • Musical Adventure Trekking complimentary trekking equipment's like four seasonal sleeping bag, down Jacket and duffle bag(should be returned upon completing the trek)
  • Kathmandu – Pokhara – Kathmandu by deluxe tourist bus
  • Pokhara – Jomsom - Pokhara by flight with together your guide
  • First aid medical kit, oximeter to check pulse, heart rate and oxygen saturation at higher altitude
  • Normal lodges base accommodation during trek in the mountain
  • Farewell dinner in Kathmandu at typical Nepali restaurant

Cost Excludes

  • Nepal visa fees 15/30/90 Day in cost of U$D 25/40/100
  • Travel and medical insurance which should cover emergency helicopter rescue
  • Meals and extra night accommodation in Kathmandu & Pokhara (breakfast included)
  • Personal expenses (battery charge, telephone call, laundry, hot shower, internet etc)
  • Kathmandu valley sightseeing monument & entrance fees
  • Bar and beverage bills
  • Gratitude (Tips) to guide and porters

Frequently Asked Questions Mustang Tiji Festival Trek

Trek duration and walking is based on physical ability of travelers. We prepared standard pattern itinerary for our clients. Musical Adventure Trekking brought suggestion itinerary and it will works and fit for 90% of travelers. Standard pattern itinerary advice to trek 4-7 hours each day. Trek itinerary can be customized with extending some side trip or preferring to walk in slow pace. The elaborate Mustang Tiji festival trip can done by four wheel driving, trekking and bycycling as well. The tour journey duration will be shorter than trekking.
Himalayan elaborate festival rejoice beyond the Himalayas called Lo-Manthang and it is listed in restricted area in Nepal. Tourist are allow to visit after obtaining red permits which cost minimum U$D 500 for 10 days. The red permits only allow to issue by government authorized trekking agency of Nepal. As it is restricted area trekking solo travelers and FIT are forbidden, thus should travel in group and with local guide.
You can obtain Nepal visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Please bring 2 copies of passport size photos and print out online form from You might to stay in queue for a while, if you want to stay away from line. You can obtain your Nepal visa from your home as well. Just contact to nearby Nepal embassy around your home town. Does matter weather take 15 days, 30days or 90 days, it is a single entry visa there will different price for visa according to staying duration. 15/25/90 Days: 25/40/100 USD
Mountain/trekking guide are educated, experienced and knowledge about the culture, history and regions of Nepal. The guide have to attend certified course that are offered by Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and they need to attend 45Days classes.
Basic accommodation lodge/guesthouse/hotel are available during Upper Mustang Tiji Festival trek, most of places have common toilet in same building with hot shower at Tsaile-Ghiling-Ghyami-Tsarang-Dakmar. Then Kagbeni, Jomsom and Lo Manthang has attached bathroom with Internet. The neat, clean and cozy room will provides view of Himalayas from tiny windows; each room has one complimentary blanket for a night. We will arrange four seasonal sleeping bags during the trek and chimney will on between 5pm to 8pm. As soon as Nepal government open upper-mustang for foreigner in 1992, Nepal trekking operator operate organized trek because of lack of infrastructure in forbidden kingdom, camping trek continuous till 2008, once the political uprising team “moist” alliance with multi-political party of Nepal. International visitor number increase in Lo-manthang then local started to run lodge and guesthouse in upper mustang area. If any travelers willing to do camping trek, we arrange camping trek as well it will be more comfortable than teahouse trek. As we concerning about the meals along the trek, Musical adventure trekking will gives you open menu with verities option, you can choose any food from menu card like Nepalese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican and best is local food from upper mustang because it is organic and hygienic.
You will not be responsible to carry your luggage from Jomsom-Kagbeni – La manthan-Jomsom, your porters will carry load between 25kg to 30kg (sharing between two trekker's). You will be responsible to carry your day pack with the essential and personal things such as water, Camera, wind and waterproof jacket, sun lotion extra camera batteries.
It is not strenuous trek but often ascending and descending in semi-arid. The short flight bring us at Jomsom airstrip in the gorge in between Mount Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range. Then following days trek continuous along the Kaligandaki River with crossing few 13000 Ft passes to Lomanthang. The upper mustang territory is complete different than back home including altitude, environment and cultural. Before boat on you need to train yourself doing some relevant activities on around like strap pack on your back then hike up and down as long as can do with wearing your hiking boot. Even can hit gym, swimming, jogging, all of these help make your stamina better and stretch the join and muscles.
Travel mean obviously taking photos and videos of beautiful scenery and portrait. As we talk about Tiji festival tour, it always provides great portrait of the elaborate monks and Mongolian feature. To capture stunning scenery we need to charge the electronic device (Phone/Camera). Hydro-electro is available most of village and payable charge is available as well. The guesthouse/lodge have power socket and adopter but much better to have your own 2 pin socket. You can safe your device batteries from cold temperature with keeping in warm places. Be smarter to keep batteries inside the sleeping bag in the night and jacket pocket while hiking.
You should be up to date on routine vaccination where you are but the some of the health association WHO and CDC recommended get these vaccination before get into Nepal, like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Japanese Encephalitis, Malaria and Rabies. These disease can be transmitted to stranger people from water, meal, sexual relationship with local, animal bites etc.
No, there is ATM at Jomsom starting and end day of trek but it is not reliable. If you carry any currency with you either $/€/¥/£ travel cheque, it will be exchange but less value than commercial city like Kathmandu. If you prefer to carry cards with you, there is swap machine along the trail but 5% charge will be applicant on top of the total amount.

Complete Equipment Packing List for Tiji Festival Trek

Tiji festival celebrate 5th month of year which mean end of spring season. Jomsom to Chailse will be bit hot despite windy on the valley. The temperature is quite warm and it will be 15 to 25 degree Celsius during the day and night-morning temperature is +5 degree Celsius. You do not need to make heavy pack for tiji festival trek please see the items listed below.


Day pack up to 50 litre

Down jacket

4 Seasons sleeping bag

Sleeping bag liner

Water bottle

Trekking pole


1 Pair liner gloves thin wool or synthetic

1 Elevation water proof wristwatch

1 Nail cutter

1Pair wind resist gloves

Upper Body – Head/Ears/Eyes

Sun head or Gulf cap

Sun glasses 100% UV protection with side shields and hard-sided storage in case

Headlamp or torch light with at least 1 pair of extra battery

Ear muffs

Sun Lotions/Sun cream

Main Body

1 Cotton t-shirts

1 Synthetic t-shirt

1 Long sleeve polyester or synthetic lightweight for sunny days.

1 Soft shell jacket water & wind resist

1 Women swimming dress bathing in Hot spring

Lower Body / Leg

1 Pair nylon hiking short paints should have quick drying type not cotton

1 piece cotton paints (loose jeans/khakis)

1 piece soft shell pants – synthetic, full zip from top and bottom preferable

1 Piece waterproof/windproof paint

2 Pair inner Thermal for day and night

Inner cloths as you needed


3 Pair of trekking socks

1 Pairs woolen socks wearing on evening

1 Pair light sport or shoes sneaker

1 pair water proof Trekking boot

Medicines / First Aid

Ibuprofen for general aches and pains.

Imodium or Pepto Bismo capsules for upset stomach or diarrheal.

Diamox(commonly prescribed as Acetazolamide) 125 or 250mg tablets for altitude sickness. Please talk to with trek leader before taking medicine.

1Small personal sized first-aid kit with blister treatments such as mole skin, band aides

Anti-infection ointments, etc.

Your guides will have more extensive medical gear, but you should have the basics for general use.

Medicines / First Aid

Ibuprofen for general aches and pains.

Imodium or Pepto Bismo capsules for upset stomach or diarrheal.

Diamox(commonly prescribed as Acetazolamide) 125 or 250mg tablets for altitude sickness. Please talk to with trek leader before taking medicine.

1Small personal sized first-aid kit with blister treatments such as mole skin, band aides

Anti-infection ointments, etc.

Your guides will have more extensive medical gear, but you should have the basics for general use.

Extended Trips

Chitwan Jungle Safari (2N/3D)
Royal chitwan National Park is first national park in Nepal, covering an area of 932 SQ KM in lowland Nepal.

Bardia National Park (3N/4D)
Bardia National Park lying eastern bank of Karnali River in Bardia District in southern west Nepal.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (3N/4D)
Koshi Tapppu Wildlife Reaserve is one of the smallest wildlife reserve in Nepal lies in Terai region.

Trisuli River Rafting (1D)
Trisuli River is the most popular destination for rafters visiting Nepal from all over the world. It is an excellent rafting destination.


Trip Facts

Activities: Trekking & Sightseeing

Maximum Height: 4,200 m/13,776 Ft

Duration: 13 or 17 Days.

Transportation: Car/Bus/Jeep/Flight

Grade: Moderate

Season: May

Accommodation: Hotel/Lodge/Guesthouse

Meal: Full Board On Trek

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