Jungle Safari

Nepal, the country sandwiched between the two Asian giant of India and China, could be best for wildlife jungle safari where more than 900 birds species, 137 mammal species, 48 reptiles species and 645 butterfly species live.

Most of them live southern and southern-western section of Nepal in tropical and subtropical climate, number of the national park and wild life sanctuary are established in this Terai area. This national park, wildlife reserve can reach in an hour flight or couple of hour overland journey. Nepal wildlife Jungle Safari is most thrilling holiday in Nepal for family, student, old age, honeymoon with offers flora & fauna of Nepal. Various jungle activities can do any of these wild preserve likely Birds watching, Elephant back safari, Jeep safari, Canoeing, Traditional cultural show, Jungle walk etc. Any of this ultimate terminus have budget to lavish accommodation with verities of multiple cuisine. Any of Nepal jungle safari designated sequencer permits you tour in the untouched dense forest where catching close sights of wildlife. Our naturalist and wildlife specialist guide give explanation of each and every flora and fauna on complete jungle safari journey. The journey into the greenery of Mother Nature and nature sound help you relax physically and mentally in the wilderness nature preserve.

Koshi Tappu Bird Watching

Nepal is rich in calture and nature as it is, we have a national park, conservation area, Hunting Reserve and wildlife Reserve across the Nepal. Koshi Tapppu Wildlife Reserve is one of the smallest wildlife reserve in Nepal lies in Terai of eastern Nepal, beside the Koshi river and covering an area of 175 km2 (68 sq ml)

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Chitwan Jungle Safari

Royal chitwan National Park is first national park in Nepal, later on it names Chitwan National park, it cover an area of 932 Km (360 sq mi) from about 100 m to 815 m in the subtropical inner Terai of south central Nepal on Churia Hills range.

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Bardia Jungle Safari

Nepal always offers best travel experience throughout the year whatever holiday chosen and jungle safari into the Bardia National Park give you an exquisite wildlife excursion triumph among national park in Nepal. Geographically Bardia national park connect with India where animals often migrate on the seasons.

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