Paragliding in Pokhara

Paragliding is another adventure in Nepal it can be done in Pokhara and more than 3 dozen government authorized company are operating Paragliding in Nepal. Paragliding in Pokhara would be one of the incredible traveling experience get in Nepal. The glide will take-off from 6,500 Ft at Sarankot hill station then after 25 or 40 minute flying in the air land on bank of Phewa Lake at Sedi. While hovering in the air, the tandem flight will approach magnificent view of entire Annapurna Himalayan range, turquoise phewa lake and dense populate colorful Pokhara city. In term of good weather the first tandem flight will begins from 09:30 hours then end at 14:00 hours. Tandem flight is completely safe where paragliding pilot will escort you with separate harnesses and lead you different direction then approach great sceneries.

Short Flight (Cloud Buster)

Each day we are operating 3 shift tandem flight in different times, 30 minute before your flight schedule come to pick you up at your hotel. Drive to Sarankot then your flight will take-off then flight will end-up at Sedi, on bank of Phewa Lake.

Duration: 25-30 minute Cost: NRS 10,000 (U$D 100)

Long Flight (Cross Country)

It is long length flight and take-off from same spot, it is slightly long flight than cloud buster, as soon as take-off from Sarankot. It will flying on direction of Annapurna Himalayan range and get close up view of Himalayas, after 45 minute roaming on the sky land at bank of Phewa Lake.

Duration: 45-55 minute Cost: NRS 13,000 (U$D 130)

Note: If you prefer to have photos/video of your paragliding it will cost U$D 20 extra.

What Included In The Cost

    • Sharing transportation from hotel to Sarankot and Sedi to Hotel
    • 25 minute or 45 minute tandem flight