Nepal: federal democratic republic of nepal is small country set on between India and Tiibet (Autonomous country of china) in South Asia but it counted 93 largest country in the world by area. The Himalayan kingdom used to be royal kingdom for last 238 years till 2008 AD. The small country spread an area of 1,47,181 square kilometres in width of 193 Km sourth-north and lenght 885 Km east-west. In193 Km width altitude climb up rapidlty fast from 60 mtr of southern terai to northern himalayan range at height of 8,848 mtr. Nepal has atleast 8 monuntains above the 8,000 mtrs including Mt. Everest and 15 monumnets are granted to world heirtage sites. The small country has 30 million population with living in 75 district with majority of different religions like Hinduism(81.3%), Buddhist (9%), Islam (4.4%), Kiratism (3.1%), Christain (1.4%) an number of other religions. Nepal is multi-culture country with more than 100 ethnic groups and around 62 spoken languages, every tribe has their own culture and some of the tribes still live in jungle like Chepang, Kusunda and Raute.

Sourthen Nepal is very good for fertalize grain, north is ocupaied by himalayas and hilly region is most dense population area. Sourthen Nepal has heavy jungle where national park, wildlife reserve are located and tourism can do elephant back jungle safari, jeep safari and culture tour. Hilly region and himalayan region are very popular for hiking, trekking, climbing and expedition. Most of trekking trail is spread from hilly from himalaya either conervation area or national park.
Nepal is very suiteble for any travellers from any where in the world because we have five climates and seasons (summer, monsoon,autumn,winter and spring). In the winter can do any trip in tropical, subtropical, temperate and cold zone then in monsoon is good season to so some adcenturous trip in subartic and ardtic zone. Spring, autumn and summer is good season for any climate through out year.

Tropical and subtropical Zone: below 1,200 metres 
Temperate Zone: 1,200 metres to 2,400 metres
Cold Zone: 2,400 metres to 3,600 metres
Subarctic Zone: 3.600 metres to 4,400 metres
Arctic Zone: above 4,400 metres.

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